Named for Ned and Joyce Turner, whose extraordinary commitment to Swedish spans more than 40 years.

When Ned Turner walked into the first day of freshman English at the University of Washington, he didn’t know he would be meeting his future wife. As the professor arranged the students in alphabetical order, luck would have it that Joyce (then Tye) was placed right beside Ned. That chance encounter would lead to a 56-year marriage.

Joyce learned of the Turner Family affinity and loyalty to Swedish early on, and when it was time to have children, there was no question where they would be born. Ned’s grandfather was one of the original eleven Swedes who started Swedish Medical Center, and like his father and grandfather, Ned served on the hospital’s Board. His board term spanned 40 years. “It’s a family business, but we didn’t get paid,” smiled Ned.

After raising three children born at Swedish and many checkups and appointments, Joyce decided she wanted to give back to Swedish. An ardent believer in the importance of art in the healing environment, she started the Art Committee with Nancy Auer, MD and Marlene Dorsett as a means of enhancing the patient experience and bringing staff and volunteers together. The Committee has stewarded and enriched Swedish’s art collection since 1988. In addition, Joyce also volunteers at the Corner Shop one day each week and serves on the Destination Swedish Committee.

“Ned and Joyce truly embody the word “loyalty”. They know how impactful long-term giving can be over time for an institution,” said Don Theophilus, Executive Director of the Swedish Foundation. “When I think of our most devoted donors and volunteers, Ned and Joyce are always at the top of that list.”

Swedish Foundation is honored to celebrate the loyalty of donors who have consistently supported the work of Swedish Medical Center.

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