Many of the 550 cardiac and vascular surgeries performed each year at the Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute are complex procedures that require the skills of more than one physician to resolve a myriad of issues in very short order. Approximately $1,000,000 in support from The Campaign for Swedish helped complete a new cardiovascular hybrid operating room that will provide life-saving outcomes for some of our most vulnerable patients.

The new, 1,200 square foot John J. & Katherine A. Harnish Cardiovascular Hybrid Operating Room opened in November at the Swedish Cherry Hill campus. It is named for the couple who contributed the lead gift that made it possible for Swedish to complete this important project.

Hybrid operating rooms combine state-of-the-art surgical equipment and surgical clinicians with the advanced imaging equipment and medical providers typically found in a cath lab. Hybrid ORs also allow physicians to combine both minimally invasive techniques – such as stent placement and angioplasties – and traditional open-surgery techniques as part of the same procedure. As traditional open-heart procedures are replaced with minimally invasive procedures, the multi-disciplinary environment of the cardiovascular Hybrid OR allows physicians to perform the ideal type of surgery for each patient. The multi-specialty clinical collaboration that occurs in a Hybrid OR also facilitates imaging and technological advances and superior medical training as surgeons become dual trained for both open and endovascular or catheter-insertion techniques.

To learn more about making a gift to support the advancement of programs within the Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute, contact Randy Mann, Senior Director - Campaign, at 206.386.6791 or email at

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