Rising Stars Research Program


The Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute has been a national leader in developing hundreds of innovative cardiovascular treatments.

Funding from the Rising Stars Clinical Research, Quality and Innovation Program will allow physicians in all stages of their career to dedicate up to two days a week entirely to research. Projects will focus on new and better ways to:

  • Detect heart disease and determine its severity
  • Prevent or delay the progression of heart disease
  • Develop and examine the effectiveness of new drugs, devices and procedures
  • Improve the health and well-being of patients

A generous $1 million lead gift from Joe Clark, CEO of Aviation Partners, provided the resources to establish the Rising Stars Program. Your gift will help provide the additional $4 million in philanthropic revenue needed to support the Program.

“We have a significant history of providing new technologies to patients. We look to inspire innovation – always focusing on ways to improve patient care.” - Mark Reisman, M.D., Director of Cardiovascular Research & Education, Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute