Dr. Saul Rivkin has announced that he will retire from his clinical practice at Swedish in July of 2013 after a 48-year career in medicine. Saul joined Swedish in 1971 as one of the hospital’s first medical oncologists. He received his doctorate from the University of Washington School Of Medicine in 1964. Retirement is an exciting and much anticipated new chapter in an illustrious career because those who know Saul well know that he will not be sitting still once he stops practicing medicine!

While he might be retiring from Swedish, Saul will remain an essential part of the Rivkin Center team, providing critical guidance as the Center continues its mission to save lives and reduce suffering through improved treatment, early detection, and prevention of ovarian cancer.

In 1989, Saul wife, Marsha, was diagnosed with late-stage ovarian cancer. Marsha passed away in 1993 and Dr. Rivkin re-committed his work to encourage development of new treatments, early detection, and prevention of ovarian cancer. In partnership with Swedish and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Dr. Rivkin established the Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research in 1996. With Saul’s guidance, the Rivkin Center has become a catalyst for national and international efforts in all fields of ovarian cancer research. In partnership with Swedish, the Rivkin Center has raised and invested nearly $14M in research to date.

To honor Dr. Rivkin’s remarkable clinical career and help fulfill his great ambition to increase and prioritize investments in research focused on ovarian cancer, the Rivkin Center has announced creation of the Saul Rivkin Innovation Fund. With an initial goal to raise $1 million, this new fund will provide  the Center the flexibility to rapidly support emerging research projects, quickly pursue innovative opportunities, and invest in other essential projects that lie outside the scope of our traditional, long-term grant-making programs.

 To learn more about the Saul Rivkin Innovation Fund, contact Gaynor Hills at (206) 215-2204 or gaynor.hills@swedish.org.

If you would like to share a special story about Saul you may email it to gaynor.hills@swedish.org. We will be sharing those stories with Dr. Rivkin when he retires.  

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