It's not easy being green frogDid you know that in 2010 Swedish redirected 46% of all its waste away from landfills through recycling, composting and other efforts? Or that Swedish's new Issaquah campus was designed and constructed to be one of the most energy-efficient hospitals in the region (and possibly the country)? What about the assortment of local and organic food offered in Swedish's cafes?

On April 22nd, Swedish CEO, Dr. Rod Hochman, announced the launch of Swedish’s Healthier Health Care initiative. This Initiative got its start in the spring of 2009, when a task force of Swedish managers began meeting to study and document the things we are doing at Swedish to reduce negative impacts on the environment, in areas like recycling, energy management, water conservation, safer handling and disposal of hazardous substances and medical wastes and healthier food and commuting options. For the past two years, this group has been developing a comprehensive overview of our environmental policies and practices and looking for opportunities to bring about continuous improvement in this area in all of our facilities and operations. As we implement this Initiative, the ongoing efforts of this group and many others at Swedish will allow us to significantly improve our environmental performance while continuing to provide the kind of quality care that we are known for.

In the coming months, we will be sharing more information about environmental accomplishments, goals, practices and policies in recycling, energy management, healthier food and commuting. To make sure Swedish nurses, physicians and employees are able to speak to these points, we will start by educating our staff about Swedish’s overall plans and accomplishments. While we are working hard to share the story of the unique environmental features of Swedish/Issaquah with the community, we look forward to sharing more information about all of Swedish’s accomplishments in the future.

In the meantime though, you can contact with any questions or thoughts about this initiative. If you’d like to read the full email from Rod Hochman on the Healthier Health Care initiative, please click here.

Healthier Health Care is one more way Swedish is improving the health and well-being of its patients, employees and community.

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