In the weeks and months that follow, I hope to keep you informed and inspired about how your support of The Campaign for Swedish is making a profound difference in the lives of our patients. In doing so, I hope you will come to appreciate why I think I have the best job in the world. What could be better than working with a group of generous, philanthropically minded people who are eager to promote quality healthcare, help others and share their good fortune in a way that has an immediate and direct impact on our community’s health?Subscribe

It's a new day at Swedish/ Edmonds

There’s a lot of great progress happening up at Swedish/Edmonds these days.

In June, David Jaffe, the former Executive Director and CEO of Harborview for 16 years, signed on as the new interim chief administrative officer for the campus. David took on this leadership role because of all the exciting opportunities at Swedish/Edmonds. And real changes are already happening. A master plan is being completed that lays out improvements to the campus over the next 10 years. These plans include a new emergency room, an expanded cancer center, and expanding the birthing services and critical care beds. The goal is to give our patients in the north the environment that best supports their health and our physicians and staff the facilities they deserve.

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Help That Is Real And Practical

Swedish patient and breast cancer survivor, Christine Smith started Northwest Hope & Healing Foundation in 2000 when she realized how many women diagnosed with cancer face a shortfall at the end of the month for basic items like food, gas, daycare and rent.  To date, the NW Hope & Healing Patient Assistance Fund has helped more than 1,300 women battling breast and gynecological cancer, with basic living expenses like food, gas & emergency rent payments.

Each year Swedish diagnoses and treats over 900 women with breast cancer, regardless of their ability to pay.

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Saul Rivkin, M.D.: Passionate about Patients

One of the great privileges that I enjoy by working at Swedish is to meet some truly remarkable physicians. Not just doctors of tremendous talent who are national and international leaders in their specialty, but individuals who are selfless in their work and resolute in their dedication and care of their patients. A doctor that immediately comes to mind is Saul E. Rivkin, MD.

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Creating a Lasting Legacy: The Story of Arnie Burland

A “planned gift” can be one of the most meaningful charitable gifts a person can make. But I’ve learned that many people—unless you are a CPA, estate planning attorney, or fundraiser—aren’t really certain how to define a planned gift. In broad terms, a planned gift can provide a donor with financial and/or tax benefits while also achieving their charitable goals. Making a planned gift involves deciding what you want your personal legacy to be, who should benefit, and who you trust to carry it out.

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Healthier Health Care: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Did you know that in 2010 Swedish redirected 46% of all its waste away from landfills through recycling, composting and other efforts? Or that Swedish's new Issaquah campus was designed and constructed to be one of the most energy-efficient hospitals in the region (and possibly the country)? What about the assortment of local and organic food offered in Swedish's cafes?

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A Life Saved

Bob McClesky is the CEO of Sellen Construction and a tremendous friend and supporter of Swedish, both Bob and Sellen have done a lot to support quality healthcare throughout the region. He suffered a frightening heart attack several weeks ago and received his treatment at Swedish Cherry Hill - he’s doing great now and Bob sent this email to his friends and contacts. I felt the email was so powerful and helpful, I’ve decided to share with you. Please take a moment to read his powerful story.

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A Tribute to John Barrows

In my first two postings, I talked a lot about the process of fundraising, highlighting a partial list of characteristics that would allow an individual fundraiser or a fundraising team to be successful in generating gifts from the community. But why do we do what we do? The standard response is often something along the lines of “to support the mission” of the organization or to “help fulfill a vital need”. While both true—and important—if you dig deeper, it really comes down to helping people. Or more poignantly in healthcare, it comes down to helping one person. I’d like to briefly share the story of John Barrows and his family.

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What does it take to be a successful fundraiser?

Last week, I talked about five critical success factors that are necessary if you want to raise significant charitable gifts for a worthy non-profit. One of those factors was a skilled staff who can motivate and inspire, and how it is important to have a skilled team who can both identify areas where gifts can have a powerful and positive impact on your organization’s mission and who can build strong relationships with donors. At Swedish, I am fortunate to work alongside an impressive team of fundraisers who continue to generate critical gifts for Swedish and our patients.

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Five things you need to know to raise $100,000,000

Raising $100,000,000 is not easy. In fact, as anyone who has had to ask their friends, family or work colleagues to support a favorite cause knows, raising money can be a challenge. As a professional fundraiser, one of the questions I am most often asked is “how do you do what you do”? Variations of the question include: How do you inspire people to give such large gifts? How do you encourage volunteers to ask their friends, family and business associates to support their cause? What goes into setting such an ambitious goal? In this first post about the Campaign for Swedish, I thought I would start by trying to provide some insight into what goes on behind the scenes of fundraising campaign of this magnitude.

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