Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit Remodel and Expansion

Brain Surgery

The Swedish Neuroscience Institute opened an 11-bed intensive care unit on Swedish’s Cherry Hill campus in 2004. With the growth and expansion of the institute, the neuro-ICU operates at or near capacity much of the time.

To increase the capacity of the intensive care unit and bring it up to a technological par with the neurosurgery operating suites that opened in 2007, Swedish seeks to completely remodel and expand the Neuroscience ICU. When complete, the unit will provide constant monitoring and rapid response for post-surgical and stroke patients and those with brain hemorrhages, aneurysms, spinal cord injuries and head traumas. Just as important, nurses specializing in the post-operative care of neurosurgery patients will staff the facility.

Because this initiative is such a significant undertaking, private giving will underwrite a sizeable part of the costs involved in remodeling and expanding the ICU.

“We’re very excited about being able to create a world-class, state-of-the-art neuro intensive care unit to care for our patients and to prepare for all the developments that are rapidly coming.” - Dr. David Newell, M.D., co-executive director of the Swedish Neuroscience Institute (SNI)