True Family Women's Cancer Center

True Family Women's Cancer Center Reception

Building the True Family Women’s Cancer Center will bring the top specialists in women’s cancer care to one place for one purpose: to use their combined expertise and the most advanced technology to help more women survive cancer.

Planning is underway now for the center and it is projected to open in 2012. The Center will offer risk assessment, genetic screening, counseling, education and a full range of therapies designed specifically for women. By taking care of these patients in a special center devoted just to women, research studies strongly suggest we can bring even greater success to their treatment. You can join us to make a difference in the lives of women with cancer in our community by making a donation to the Women’s Cancer Center.

Catherine is a breast cancer survivor, and now she’s also a grateful donor to True Family Women’s Cancer Center. “I can’t adequately thank my doctors and the marvelous nursing staff for all they did for me, but I can at least make sure they have the best possible conditions for doing their work,” Catherine says. “Candy and flowers are nice, but I’m certain they’d rather have the resources to save more lives.”
Swedish would like to extend a special thanks to the families and community organizations who have kicked off the creation of the True Family Women’s Cancer Center by donating significant leadership gifts to the center. • Janet and Doug True • Bill and Ruth True • Mrs. Patricia "Patty" J. True • Robin Knepper • Norcliffe Foundation • Sellen • Seattle Radiology • Estate of Brian McGinty • Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth C. Alvord III • Mr. and Mrs. Elias C. Alvord II • Radia • Anderson Trust • Peter Byrnes Family • Barbara and Joseph Buchman, MD • Jean Baur Viereck and Robert Leventhal • Gretchen Mathers Bequest • James and Jan Sinegal • Robin Hiro-Otani • Dr. and Mrs. Rod Hochman • SMC Breast Surgeons